Facebook users can help with grant to employ those with disabilities

Would you please vote for Audio Eyes to be eligible to apply for the grant from Chase mentioned in the link below.
It’s pretty easy to do and it can make a huge difference for those with disabilities.
Audio Eyes is the organization that is donating space for LARRS, thus allowing the LA Radio Reading Service to continue to broadcast, so I want to help them reach the required goal of 250 votes by Friday, June 29th.    Go to the following link at http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/#.T-lCZaHcDpg.email  and type Audio Eyes in the search box.
Their Northridge address will come up, so you know it is the right business.
Click and you’re done!



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App Advice for the I Phone

AppAdive for the I Phone

The App advice app can be used on the following devices  I phone, I pad, and I pod.

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Link to 1 of 9 iPhone primer files on AppleVis

IDevice primer 101 basic termonology

Idevice primer 101 basic termnology

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AppAdvice Recommends Apps for the Blind And Visually Impaired

It has been said that technology has made the world smaller, but for the blind or those with poor vision, iDevices are opening up a whole new world.

Appadvice Recommends Apps for the Blind And Visually Impaired

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Entertainment apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired

New AppList: Entertainment Apps For The Blind And Visually Impaired

List of Entertainment apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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10 things blind people can teach us about Apple’s Siri on the iPhone 4S by Maureen Shelley, National Technology Writer

BLIND people and those with vision impairment take using voice commands for granted when using modern technology. So when Apple launched the iPhone 4S with virtual assistant Siri, vision impaired people got very excited.

Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes said that the technology would be of great value to people with vision impairment and he has his order in for an iPhone 4S already.

“While the technology will be much more efficient for blind people than the triple-tap input used now, I would think that the (voice commands) would benefit many people – vision impaired or not.”

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iPhone 4S makes frenzied world debut The Daily Telegraph, 7 days ago Siri goes silent on iPhone 4S The Australian, 4 Nov 2011 How to… use speech recognition The Daily Telegraph, 2 Nov 2011 Siri co-founder has jumped ship Herald Sun, 25 Oct 2011 Aussie developer takes Siri-ous initiative The Daily Telegraph, 24 Oct 2011 Voice technology designer Tim Noonan said that there were 10 things blind people could teach other iPhone 4S users about Siri.

“Users should speak clearly and ask for one thing at a time,” Mr Noonan said. Also, because the maps, traffic and business data is currently only available for the US, users should ensure that contacts include home and work addresses so that commands such as “take me home” can be given and followed by Siri.

Also, for people who work in large office blocks or complexes, addresses need to match the global positioning satellite address for the complex. “If your building has multiple addresses and you say ‘remind me at work,’ Siri won’t recognise that you are at work unless the addresses match.”

Mr Innes commented that “Siri won’t work well when there is background noise”.

“Always use Siri when your phone is unlocked,” Mr Noonan said although the iPhone 4S has capability that can be used when the screen is locked, it can cause crashes when using voice commands, he said.

Mr Innes said that single commands such as “find (the name of a song)” or “find email from (named person)” work well, Mr Noonan said that these commands allow you to find emails by specific dates.

“Siri can also be used to send text messages or send a text to Twitter,” Mr Noonan said. “Give Siri small chunks of information. That’s the most important thing,” he said

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Help to recruit Braille readers for survey about potential product

Instructions: Please respond to all multiple-choice questions by
recording one letter for your response, unless otherwise specified.
For open-ended questions, please record your own response.




Location (City, State):

1. How do you prefer to read?

a. Audio books

b. Braille

2. In the past year, how many Braille books have you read?

a. Less than 10 books

b. 11 – 20 books

c. 21 – 30 books

d. 31 or more books

3. What do you prefer to use Braille for? May choose more than one.

a. Educational

b. Recreational

c. Professional

4. How much would you expect to pay if we were to produce this product?

a. Less than $300

b. $300 – $599

c. $600 – $899

d. $900 – $1199

e. $1200 or above

5. How likely are you to buy this product in this expected price range?

a. Definitely will buy

b. Probably will buy

c. Unsure

d. Probably will not buy

e. Definitely will not buy

6. What is the maximum price you would be willing to pay for this
new product?

7. Which brand name is most appealing to you?

a. eBraille

b. Electronic Braille Reader (EBR)

c. Other (please specify)

8. Where do you usually hear about new technologies for the blind?

a. Blind-related centers

b. Radio shows

c. Internet blogs

d. Conventions, conferences

e. Other (please specify)

9. Which of the following venues are you most likely to buy this
product from?

a. Websites

b. Catalogues received via organizations

c. Bookstores

d. Other (please specify)

10. What technology do you currently use to aid in reading?

Please rank this technology on the following attributes according to
their level of importance. 1 = very important, 5 = least important.
Please use each number only once.

● Portable

● Inexpensive

● Easy to Use

● Long Battery Life

● Storage Memory Space: ___

11. Where did you purchase it?

12. If you had to choose, which three of the following six features
would make you most likely to buy this product? Please record the
three letters for the features of your choosing.

a. A headphone jack for audio

b. An on device speaker for audio

c. A detachable battery that can be charged on its own

d. Rubber grips that make the device easier to hold

e. A kickstand case that elevates the eBraille on a flat surface

f. A lanyard worn around your neck to attach to the device to stabilize it

13. Please rank the following attributes for the eBraille according
to their level of importance. 1 = very important, 5 = least important.
Please use each number only once.

● Portable

● Inexpensive

● Easy to Use

● Long Battery Life

● Storage and Memory Space

14. How likely are you to buy this product online?

a. Very Likely

b. Not Likely

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